Apo Tele Elmar S 3.5/180 Asph Référence : 11071

Apo Tele Elmar S 3.5/180 Asph


LEICA APO ELMAR-S 1:3.5/180 mm (CS)

An extremely powerful, apochromatically correct telephoto lens, available with or without central shutter and equally suitable for portraits and long-distance shots. Three of the nine lens elements perform the focusing of the lens, for excellent sharpness down to the close-up limit of 1.5 meters, even at full aperture. Special glass types with low dispersion, anomalous partial dispersion and a high index of refraction ensure the exceptional imaging performance of this lens.

Technical Specifications

Order number 11071 (CS: 11053)
Lenses/groups 9/7
Optical design Internal focusing
Image angle
(diagonal, horizontal, vertical)
approx. 17°, 14°, 9.5°,
approx. corresponds to 144mm in 35mm format
Aperture range 3.5 to 32
Shortest distance 1.5 m
Largest image scale 1:7
Filter thread size 72 mm
Dimensions (diameter/length) 88 mm/151 mm
Weight 1150g (CS: 1300g)

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